by The Discordiants

Discordia is a genuine way of life, not a performance about a way of life.

1. Remember that everything happens for no reason.
2. Look for synchronicity and magic in the cracks in reality
3. Allow the bridges you burn to light your path
4. Don’t forget that everything happens for no reason.

Commissioned by the Art Centre Take Over initiative 2017.
Supported by the Australia Council for the Arts, Supple Fox, Besen Family Foundation.

Creative Team – The Discordiants
Holly Durant, James Andrews, Benjamin Hancock, Will Huxley, Simone Page Jones, Garrett Huxley, Gabi Barton and Supple Fox

Film Crew
Miles O'Neil, Conor Gallacher, Tamzen Hayes

Craig Bascand Micheal Lower Mike Zaar Dylan Lewis

Artist – Outside In
Aly Aitken

Lee Lin Chin

Original Score
Mark Mitchell

Lighting Design
Niklas Pajanti

Sound Design
Byron Scullin

Glen Dulihanty

Stage Management
Ayesha Harris-Westman & Rachel Moore

Photos: Mikey Whyte

Discordia 1
Discordia 2
Discordia 3
Discordia 4
Discordia 5
Discordia 6